Backs to the paywall

24 Jan

CONVERSATION on the Nitherley Observer and Bugle subs desk:

Leek Man: “Hey, have you seen this story on the Hold the Front Page website about the Greenock Telegraph introducing an online paywall?”

Geordie Mork: “No, Ah cannat say Ah hev.”

Leek Man: “It’s an exciting concept. Readers are having to pay for news.”

Geordie Mork: “Man. That’s what they did in the olden days. They divvent dae it now because it might save wor jobs.”

Leek Man: “Do you think the Greenock Telegraph’s on to something? Has someone sat down and initiated a thought process that has arrived at a logical conclusion? Like, ‘We’re paying reporters loads of money to write stories so instead of giving the finished product away for free we’ll sell it and get some return on our investment – perhaps even make a small profit?’ It works well in other sectors. Some might argue it’s the basis of the free market economy.”

Geordie Mork: “Gan an’ make wor a cup of tea Leek Man man, an’ divvent worry aboot it.”

Leek Man: The water heater’s still out of action.”

Geordie Mork: “Then gerrus two coffees from the machine.”

Leek Man: “There’s a 25p paywall.”

Geordie Mork: “Howay an’ shite. There’s another company that deserves ta gan oota business.”


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